Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak opens blockchain business

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is getting into the blockchain with a token bearing his name.

The WOZX went on sale on HBTC, with Bithumb Global next on the list.

His company, Efforce, focuses on energy efficiency.

Legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak turned his attention to green technology and blockchain when he co-founded Efforce.

Steve Wozniak is now targeting the energy efficiency market, worth $ 241 billion. Apple’s co-founder announced the public launch of Efforce, a blockchain-based energy-saving platform. Effort will raise funds for energy saving projects through token sales. HBTC listed WOZX on December 3. The token will also be launched on Bithumb Global in the coming week.

A $ 241 billion idea

Efforce claims that the savings and environmental benefits of corporate energy saving projects are substantial. However, small businesses in particular find it difficult to find funding for such projects. Efforce connects companies (sic) with the people it calls contributors on its platform. Investors buy tokenized future savings and thus finance the project that the company is carrying out. Smart contracts on blockchain record transactions and savings

In the company’s one-page document , Efforce claims that the energy efficiency market has reached $ 241 billion and is growing at 10% per year.

Efforce worked in “silent mode” for much of 2019, with Wozniak on board. His work was an open secret that sometimes surfaced, with the media and Maltese officials taking note. Apparently, Woz even spoke about it with Justin Sun of TRON, who met him after trying to pay $ 4.6 million for lunch with Warren Buffet.


The WOZX token is the utility token of the project. According to the white paper, the Efforce will release one billion tokens. The private placement of tokens determines the initial value of the token. However, an example in the white paper also describes contributors locking Tether at a value of 1 USDT per WOZX.

One element that is not clear is the role of mining. The authors mention mining in the article but no details seem to describe the process. He says mining tokens will begin when the projects are launched. The mining rewards will decrease each year.


Effort sets aside one-fifth of the tokens. The company will distribute them as an incentive to project participants. These don’t have to be contributors – anyone involved can receive them. The white paper specifies certain types of incentives. These relate to registrations from major partners, contributions from funding partners and mining .

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